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July 2022 Quarterly Meeting of the BOB VCSE Health Alliance Recap

Thank you to our members for participating in our quarterly meeting on Thursday 14th July.

We would like to recap some key points as we see them and point you to some resources that you may find useful. We hope this is useful for members who could not attend.

Theme: After 1st July: Still integrating, not yet integrated

1) Strategic Connection – William Butler had met Javed Khan OBE, Chair of the ICB, and explained that he was keen to meet VCSE Alliance members on a date to be defined in November.

2) Partnership Working – We are proposing to the ICB that in advance of this we can organise a ‘shared values’ workshop between NHS and VCSE leaders.

3) ICB Update – Catherine Mountford, Director of Governance at the ICB, spoke about the huge internal efforts in governance and HR terms that had gone into closing down three CCGs and opening up a single ICB.


4) Video – We showed you the King’s Fund explainer of what an ‘Integrated Care System’ could be: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/audio-video/how-does-nhs-in-england-work

5) We heard a few key points from our Sub Groups:

  • Learning Disability & Autism: Jane-Stanford-Beale Jane highlighted new mandatory training for all health and social care organisations around Learning Disability & Autism named after Oliver McGowan: all organisations should be taking that training forward. Find out more about Oliver’s story and the training.
  • Mental health: Chris Keating – Chris explained that mental health charities in Oxfordshire had had an award-winning partnership with the NHS mental health foundation trust but were now seeking ways to restore weakened links amid contractual uncertainty and the transition to the new structures.
  • Ageing Well: Debbie Robinson – Debbie expressed charities’ concerns over older people’s access to and understanding of primary care, pointing out that it’s not just the professionals who need to navigate the new system but the people we want to serve and support.

6) Survey Says…
VCSE leaders rate their optimism about playing a full role in an integrated care system at only 4 out of 10 and sought recognition of their role by NHS leaders as underpinning their involvement in the system – these are interim results from our member survey which is open at: https://forms.office.com/r/gbZRYj3aBE.

We will close this when we get to our target of 100 responses and communicate the results to NHS leaders.

7) Case Study
We spoke with David Savage, Manager of the Oxfordshire palliative care network about how they work between charities and the NHS: he stressed the time investment required over several years to develop trust and set up effective joint working arrangements.

8) Communications –
We heard from Rob Beasley, Interim Director of Comms at the ICB, that the ICB is not where it would like to be on engagement and that there would be very intensive work to do. Rob pointed us to an engagement website which is in the early stages of development: https://bobics.uk.engagementhq.com/engagement-strategy

9) Breakout Groups
Participants split off into three geographic groups to discuss what they could do pro-actively to enhance recognition and engagement.

Jam boards: https://jamboard.google.com/d/14KUXh6lzINQFip2FL0QcOtGhkXqece2D7-D8VeDF8oA

10) Partnership Building – We need to be ready to give our well-grounded expert input for the strategy of the Integrated Care Partnership board, on which we expect to have VCSE representation.

Meeting Resources:

If members would like to arrange a meeting to discuss matters relating to the meeting or the Alliance in general please email me.

We email you soon with the next Quarterly meeting date, which will take place in the autumn.

Best regards

Stephen Barnett (he/him)
Partnerships Manager (freelance)
Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Health Alliance
Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (BOB)

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