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Update on BOB VCSE Health Alliance Sub Groups – March 2022

We now have four established sub groups, the themes are Learning Disabilities and Autism, Mental Health, Ageing Well and Reducing Health Inequalities. Each of the groups have met three times, these regular meetings take place on a bi-monthly basis and they will take place again in April.

We have had a process for getting representative roles for the sub groups, where people expressed interest and now representatives for each group have been appointed. The sub group representatives for the alliance are also part of the work streams within the ICS and help to advocate on behalf of members and influence the ICS development through regular meetings with the ICS.

We have also started to co-design what our sub group priorities and work plans will be. To avoid duplication was also are trying to draw down what happens at place based level / local level and taking the good practice at the localities and try to influence change at the BOB level.

The groups are made up of 15 members each, these are to be kept small but if organisations want to express interest in joining a sub group when they next have an intake contact Dawn.

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