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We foster collaboration among VCSE organisations and between the VCSE sector and the NHS.

The BOB VCSE Health Alliance has been created to:

  • Make connections actively connect with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector partners, and other key stakeholders to come together and plan, develop, deliver innovative solutions in order to build stronger and healthier communities.
  • Add Value across the health and care systems through community, charity and social enterprise provision.
  • Create Change building an inclusive network, that has voice and expertise to influence, inform and shape the wider Integrated Care System.
  • Challenge Inequality to ensure greater inclusivity and accessibility in the planning of health services, commissioning and service provision

Who runs the alliance?

A small part-time team runs the Health Alliance and works to support our VCSE members to work in partnership with one another and the NHS. 

NHS Restructure
NHS England Announces New ICS Structures

Major structural changes (the abolition of CCGs, the move to ICSs, and ICBs for commissioning of regional services) are impacting on digital first primary care. Read more

January 2020
BOB VCSE Health Alliance Formed

Commissioned by the BOB ICB

July 2022
Integrated Care Board Launches
BOB ICB Formed

Partnership working began

July 2023
Partnership Principles Agreed
Memorandum of Understanding Signed
Our Partnership Principles design with icons

Read more about our memorandum of understanding.


How it began… 

In January 2020 a partnership of the VCSE support and development organisations (often known as ‘local infrastructure’) from across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West came together to enable the VCSE sector to play a full role as a strategic partner in the new regional health and care system.

We secured funding from the NHS England/NHS Improvement VCSE Leadership Programme, which aims to enable better partnership working between the regional Integrated Care System and the VCSE sector and enhance the role of the sector in strategy development and the design and delivery of the health system transformation. 

The Health Partnership / Alliance is hosted by Community Impact Bucks, and they help support the project alongside infrastructure organisation counterparts in Oxfordshire and Berkshire West to deliver the BOB VCSE Health Alliance of member VCSE organisations, working collaboratively to improve health care systems for people across Bucks, Ox and Berks.

Health alliances are an effective approach to coordination and collaboration, through the involvement of government ministries of health, civil society, and UK non-government and NHS agencies in a consultative prioritisation process.

What is an alliance?: a union between people, groups, countries, etc. : a relationship in which people agree to work together. We need to form/forge/encourage a closer alliance between government and industry.