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Where We Work

Districts and Counties

Our counties and districts are known as three ‘places’ in the integrated care system:

  • Buckinghamshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Berkshire West: Reading, West Berkshire & Wokingham

Each ‘place’ has a new partnership meeting to bring together health and social care organisations. Each county or district has its Health & Wellbeing Board. 
Map of BOB


The VCSE sector in Bucks is made up of 1,700 organisations worth an estimated £630m per year. It employs 11,000 paid staff and engages around 47,000 regular volunteers per year, approaching 10% of the population of 550,000.* 

Katie Higginson sits on the Bucks Health & Wellbeing Board for the VCSE. 

There is no VCSE position on the Bucks Executive Partnership as part of the ICS.

Buckinghamshire Stories


The county’s VCSE sector has 3,900 organisations, has income of just over £1bn and is powered by 24,000 paid staff and 80,200 regular volunteers, a little over 10% of the population of 725,000.*

Laura Price sits on the place-based partnership for the VCSE.


Oxfordshire Stories

Berkshire West

The VCSE sector in Reading, West Berks and Wokingham comprises 2400 organisations worth around £450m per year and is powered by 9,400 paid staff and 34,800 regular volunteers, 7% of the population of 500,000.*

Rachel Spencer for Reading, Philip Bell for Wokingham and Garry Poulson for West Berkshire sit on the three districts’ Health & Wellbeing Boards.

Another part of Berkshire is in Frimley ICS so many charities work across BOB and Frimley systems.

Berkshire West Stories

*These figures are based on Chapman, T. & Wistow, J. (2022) Local Health and Wellbeing: the contribution of the VCSE sector in BOB

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