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Event Summary – Health Assembly 13th June 2024

Meeting Summary

We began with a welcome and overview of the VCSE sector presented by William Butler. William continued the meeting by providing an overview of the meeting’s objectives and context.  

Insights from Sim Scavazza

Key Presentation by Sim Scavazza 

Key Insights: 

Sim Scavazza,  has been with the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board (BOB ICB) since May 2022, stepping up as Acting Chair in April 2023. 

NHS Challenges and Transformation: 

Sim emphasised the complexity of the NHS system and its evolution since 1948. The system, originally designed for a smaller, less health-demanding population, now struggles to meet the needs of a longer-living, more health-conscious society. She reiterated the need for transformation within the NHS to effectively address these contemporary challenges. 

Achievements and Innovations: 

Despite the challenges, Sim highlighted significant advancements within the NHS, including developing the NHS app and breakthroughs in diagnostics and gene therapy. These innovations exemplify the progress and adaptability of the NHS in modern healthcare  

Role of Local Communities: 

Sim acknowledged the indispensable role of local communities and stakeholders in the NHS’s mission to improve population health. She called for continued collaboration and integration, acknowledging the constant personnel changes due to the ongoing transformation efforts within the NHS.  

Future Direction: 

Sim discussed the frequent changes within the NHS but assured that these are part of a broader strategy to enhance the system’s efficiency and effectiveness. She requested the community’s patience and cooperation during this transformative period. 

Forward look: 

  • Continued engagement and cooperation between the NHS and local communities. 
  • Focus on key areas of integration and clarity in communication with stakeholders. 
  • Acknowledgement of the need for ongoing transformation and adaptation within the NHS. 

Conclusion: The meeting concluded with a reaffirmation of the commitment to transforming the NHS to better serve its population. Sim Scavazza’s insights and leadership were acknowledged as crucial during this period of change. VCSE and NHS collaboration remains vital to the development and direction of the BOB VCSE Health Alliance. Their feedback and participation are highly valued in the ongoing efforts to improve the NHS. 

Discussion and Actions 

Innovation in NHS: The discussion emphasised the need for the NHS to adopt more innovative practices, with comparisons from Sim’s retail experience. 

Stakeholder Management: Attendees discussed strategies for improving stakeholder coordination within the NHS, inspired by Sim’s retail management techniques. 

Sustainability Initiatives: The potential for integrating sustainability practices within NHS operations was explored, taking cues from Sim’s sustainable fashion advocacy. 

Contributions from Dan Leveson, ICB Place Director for Oxfordshire and Louise Smith, Deputy Director of Primary Care

The discussion focused on two charities, one specialising in dementia care and the other providing counselling and mental health support for young people. The importance of these charities in addressing community needs and preventing individuals from reaching crisis points was emphasised.  

Dan Leveson's Contributions

Dan provided insights into recent changes in healthcare delivery, particularly the shift towards supporting patients in their homes. Key points from his discussion include: 

  • Addressing feedback about the lack of communication regarding changes. 
  • The implementation of “discharge to assess” to reduce hospital stays and improve care at home. 
  • Development of transfer of care hubs to streamline discharge planning. 
  • Creation of an integrated hospital-at-home team using technology and workforce coordination to provide acute care at home. 
  • Identifying and addressing unmet needs in deprived areas, focusing on conditions like atrial fibrillation as indicators for more serious health issues. 

Louise Smith's Contributions

Louise discussed strategies for delivering integrated neighbourhood teams. She emphasized the following: 

  • Providing information about services and support available. 
  • Attending multidisciplinary team meetings to ensure cohesive care. 
  • Strengthening the delivery of integrated care through collaborative efforts and regular communication among healthcare providers. 

You view Louise’s presentation to the Assembly here Primary Care Strategy Implementation & VCSE 

Summary and Next Steps

Important Points: 

  • Continuous improvement and adaptation of healthcare delivery based on patient and provider feedback. 
  • The significant shift towards home-based care to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital burden. 
  • Importance of addressing social determinants of health and unmet needs in deprived areas. 
  • Ongoing collaboration and communication between different sectors of healthcare to ensure seamless patient care. 

This summary encapsulates the key points and discussions from the meeting, focusing on the integration of healthcare services and community support systems. You can access and download the Assembly Recording here Assembly Recording

Next Steps 

Action Items: 

  • Alliance’s Ageing Well action group to take on VCSE coordination of primary care strategy implementation, continuing dialogue with ICB team . 
  • Alliance will circulate slides from the meeting and make the recording available. 
  • Members to please complete Alliance member survey 2024

Access the resources from the event including summary, poll results, presentation, recording and agenda – Resources 

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